Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Alexandra David-Néel

Today, October the 24th I shall be raising a glass to wish Alexandra David-Néel a very happy birthday. Alexandra was awesome as a sorceress, buddhist and adventurer, she penetrated Lhasa, indeed Tibet when it was still a closed Kingdom. She was also an anarchist fighting the fight against oppression and a brilliant writer who influenced luminaries such as Allen Ginsberg and Alan Watts.

Amongst the many reasons to remember this remarkable lady is the fact that she brought m

agical tales of Tulpas to the West. Tulpas are vital game changers of which I shall have a lot (one hell of a lot in fact) to speak about very soon. Her description of the fabled Dubthab rite was very hard to trace and even then assumes that the reader can read-between-the-lines; such was early 20th century esotericism! Even Google doesnt know everything

A tulpa is basically an imagined idea which through intensity of envivification is brought into reality as a solid object. They are different from the thoughtforms of western magicians (although often confused) in that they take a lot more work to create and are visible to other people much as a ghost is. However with work a tulpa can be as solid as a punch in the nose.

Happy Birthday Alexandra David-Néel. I say "awesome" a lot nowadays, but you really were that. If I only ever manage to follow in your footsteps I will have achieved much and lived a life worth living. October the 24th will forever be your day!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Pantacles of Solomon by S. Alderanay

This exellent book by S. Aldaranay couldnt have come to me at a better time.  I have recently been looking at the Pantacles for a project of my own (watch this space) and walk away from the various versions in disgust.  Many editions (including the Mathers edition) have errors, the psalms cast around each circle are often unclear squiggles and it is all hard work to go through.  This version has the pantacles cleaned, corrected and redrawn and is a breathe of fresh air after pouring through so many dusty grimoires.

So this book has come to us at a perfect time and I am sure that Ceremonial magicians and Hoodoo practictioners alike will find this new version invaluable.  Get it now from Hadean press.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Starry Wisdom: A perichoresical perambulation through the works of Kenneth Grant

The Starry Wisdom:  A perichoresical perambulation through the works of Kenneth Grant

It seems that like buses my writing comes across in twos.  Here is a link to an article I have written for Darklore which is the awesome journal put together for the Daily Grail.  I have been following the Daily Grail for ten years now and I am certain that there is not a finer source of esoteric news.

This link here will take you to a page detailing Darklore and includes links to Amazon in the UK and US.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Walking the Spectral Path

My book, "Walking the Spectral Path" is due to be published by Hadean Press on the significant date of the 31st of October.  This short work looks at ghosts from the magical perspective examining what a ghost may actually be and details some occult methods of exploring the paranormal.  It is very much a personal piece which also details a number of my own experiences.

It will be available from Amazon (UK (soon) and US) from Halloween but available now direct from Hadean Press.